A Renewables-Led Economic Recovery



Australian Conservative Foundation

“At this critical moment in Australia’s history there is a serious risk our governments will be so determined to get everything back up and running quickly that we will repeat the mistakes of the past” ACF Chief Executive Kelly O’Shanassy.

The Recover, Rebuild, Renew, report released on 14 May 2020 by Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), sets out ways governments can:

Recover by creating jobs

  • upgrading all publicly-owned buildings and operations so they are energy efficient and renewable
  • weatherproofing houses across Australia
  • building a residential and business battery storage program
  • building electric vehicle infrastructure across the country.

Rebuild by

  • establishing a National Environmental Fund to support wildlife and ecosystem recovery and long-term nature protection
  • creating conservation tax incentives and strong environment protection laws
  • boosting electric vehicles and sustainable transport
  • supporting businesses to invest in solar and storage
  • increasing investment in sustainable industries by reallocating fossil fuel subsidies.

Renew by

  • fast-tracking electricity transmission infrastructure for low cost, reliable clean energy
  • funding and supporting shovel-ready energy storage projects, including large-scale batteries and pumped hydro
  • supporting large-scale wind energy generation 
  • expanding electric, public and active transport investment and manufacturing
  • getting Australia exporting renewable energy to the world.

READ Recover, Rebuild, Renew click here or on the image below.



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