Behind the Meter Industry Code of Conduct

In 2017 a Behind the Meter (BTM) Working Group, of which the Smart Energy Council are a member organisation, was established to develop a draft code of practice for the industry in relation to behind the meter products (such as solar, battery energy storage systems, electric vehicle charging products, energy management systems and software, and other emerging products and services for homes and businesses).

The industry is growing at an impressive rate, but we need to make sure that we do the right thing by current and future customers. Customers should feel confident to make well informed decisions about behind the meter products and to seek out a trustworthy provider.

Best Practice


Together, the member organisations of the BTM Working Group, which consists of your Smart Energy Council as well as the Australian Energy Council, Clean Energy Council, Consumer Action Law Centre, Energy Consumers Australia, Energy Networks Australia, Public Interest Advocacy Centre, and ReNew (ATA) have drafted a code reflective of the needs of the broad industry. The draft code is a starting point and not a final endorsement. We cannot finalise it without feedback from the wider industry and its networks.

Please follow these links to view the:

explaining how the code was developed.

Residential Solar Installation


Your say is important, you can submit your feedback on the draft BTM Industry Code to [email protected]  by Wednesday 6 February 2019.

If you prefer, you can send feedback to John Grimes at [email protected]  and the Smart Energy Council will make sure it is submitted in the consultation process.

Once the submission process is complete, we will keep you updated on how we are using your feedback to finalise and implement the BTM Industry Code.