This Solar PV Essentials training module is designed to provide a body of knowledge that is considered essential information for solar installers and other people working in the solar industry. The content is delivered online so that it can be studied anytime, anywhere.


Relevance to workplace practice is emphasised with real life case studies, ungraded exercises, and graded quizzesto ensure  maximum knowledge retention.

Content and learning is suitable for:

This study material is appropriate for those working as: 
    •    Solar PV designers  
    •    Solar PV installers  
    •    Solar PV installation labourers  
    •    Solar PV sales persons  
    •    Solar PV electricians  
    •    Solar PV administrators and management  
    •    Customer service and support staff


Download Firefox Software and browser compatibility: We recommend the using the latest Firefox browser. Please click here to download: Unfortunately, if you use Chrome, Microsoft, Opera or Safari you may experience difficulties and we can't guarantee that you will be able to complete the training and testing phases of the modules.

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