A Renewables-Led Economic Recovery


Heavy industry and Australia's renewable energy resources benefitting each other

As global economic challenges and the cost of energy undermines their competitiveness and many Australian industries and businesses are under pressure.

Australia's abundant renewable energy resources present an enormous opportunity to modernise Australian industry, improve viability and to reposition Australia as a clean manufacturing powerhouse, key areas of focus are:

  1. industries such as steel, aluminium, cobalt and lithum industries who can leverage reneawables as a competitive advantage;
  2. retooling carbon-intensive industries;
  3. energy efficiency and heat pumps for critical manufacturing e.g. our food and beverage sector; and
  4. driving economic growth and creating jobs in traditional manufacturing regions.

Rejuvenating Australia’s metal processing and manufacturing sector

Simon Holmes a Court, Energy Transition Hub, Melbourne University in an example of an Aluminium smelter in the Rhine region in Germany used as a virtual battery. The benefits and returns are economical viable and a long-term solution.

This content was presented at the Stimulus Summit: A Renewables-led Economic Recovery on 6 May 2020.

Modernising our manufacturing sector


Regional jobs



Stimulus Summit

The Stimulus Summit: A Renewables-Led Economic Recovery was held online on Wednesday 6 May 2020. The event was the biggest ever online energy event - attracting over 3,500 delegates from across Australia.

For more information on the Stimulus Summit including recordings and presentation material - click here

Stimulus Summit Recordings and Presentations


This vital program is driven by the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation and the Smart Energy Council.

Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation Smart Energy Council

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