Tailoring your account

We want to keep you informed about what interests you most and provide the opportunity to engage in a community of like-minded people and businesses.

But we don't just want to push you information. So we have developed a platform for a variety of stakeholders, one that you can customise.

Please keep in mind when setting up your account that some features and resources are accessible only to Smart Energy Council Members. We have made notes against the numbered and alphabetical items in 'My Account' and 'My Content' settings explained.

  1. Logging in for the first time
  2. Your My Account settings explained
  3. Your My Content settings explained
  4. Personalisation completed, now what

STEP 1: Log In - (tip: see the Logging in FAQ if you need help)

When you first Login, You will see the following screen.

Welcome Screen

STEP 2: Make Your Selections

There are some initial questions about Membership, Interest Groups and Regional Interest Groups - see STEP 3 & 4 for your options.

I you want to get straight to it, select 'Dismiss'. You can also change your Interest Groups and Regional Interest groups in your 'My Content' area.

STEP 3: Make Your Interest Group Selections

Interest Groups are specific topics that you want to hear about or have access to information on in your portal. You need to add them one by one. Current options include:

  • General;
  • Industry;
  • Advocacy, Economy & Policy; and
  • Safety.

STEP 4: Make Your Regional Interest Group Selections

Select each Regional Interest Group that you want to hear about or have access to information on in your portal. Options currently include:

  • National - Australia-wide content; and
  • All Australian states and territories.

Depending on demand we can make more granular regionals groups or develop information on particular countries, it really is up to you.


My Account

1. Login Details: lets you review and set your username, email login address and/or your password.

2. Transactions: lets you see their transactions with the Smart Energy Council - at any time you can access copies of invoices etc.

3. Personal Details:  to change your name or phone number.

4. Communication Preferences: to update which newsletters and topics you are most interested in.

5. Addresses:  lets you change your addresses. Options include physical and postal address for your magazine.

6. Businesses: Attached to more than one business. 

7. Directory Entries (Corporate Members Only): only the ‘Business Admin’  can change the Business details for the Smart Energy Industry Directory.

8. Bio (Full Members Only):  Add your bio details if you are participating in online discussions or collaboration through one ouf our Committees. Note: This is for use in online collaborations and forums – you can access through the ‘Committees’ functionality.

9. Additional Profile Information

10. Current Subscriptions (Full Members Only): view your subscriptions including active or expired membership plans. You can renew your membership on this page.

11. Online Courses:  view your current active or expired online training.

My Content

A. Certificates:  View your Online Training, Membership and Event Certificates - i.e. Professional Development and Attendance records will be accessible here.

B: Interest Groups: We encourage users to browse the Interest Groups and select the topics they want to be kept up to-date with.  Options include:

  • General;
  • Industry;
  • Advocacy, Economy & Policy; and
  • Safety.

C: Region Interest Groups: Only want to receive information or see content in your area? Then select from National and/or specific Australian States and territories. If there is enough demand we are able to set up micro and macro (country-focused) interest groups to provide a platform to view regional news, information, events and content.

D. Questions:  Ask a question.

E. Followed Articles:  users can ‘follow’ and paticipate in narrative on Smart Energy Council news articles. i.e. we do moderate these discussions, so please be respectful and polite when making comments.

F. Purchased Resources:  see all of your purchased resources. This includes membership AGM content and resources for Platinum and Gold membership.

G. Events:  see what events you have registered for, download your registration form again or see what you have attended.

H. Event Resources: Online access to the Powerpoint slides or Reference material from one of our events.

I. Support Requests: If you have a problem with the website, your membership or an event. Then create a Support Request we will get onto it straight away. You can still email [email protected] or call 1300  768 204.

Once you have set up your personalisation, you can expect to recevie custom information and content.

Miss an email, then you don't have to miss out, you can also view and search in yourMy Portal.

This is convenienty categorised in the Upcoming Events | Latest News | TabsRelated Resources | and Questions & Answers tabs.