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On 2 August 2019, the Smart Energy Council and the Australian Association of Hydrogen Energy (AAHE) announced the formation of Hydrogen Australia, a new force for advocacy and action to support the development of the emerging hydrogen industry in Australia.

Our Purpose

As a division of the Smart Energy Council, Hydrogen Australia advocates for the development of the industry and the uptake of hydrogen.

The division seeks to promote the use of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable fuel and energy storage medium in Australia. 

We support this essential work by designing, organising and hosting a range of paid and free events including seminars, workshops, conferences and webinars.

Our program of work

Hydrogen Australia's program of work focuses on:

  1. promoting the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier;
  2. safety and standards development;
  3. further developing and supporting Australia's export market potential including partner activity,
  4. policy development and the integration of hydrogen in the Australian energy economy; and
  5. the development and deployment of hydrogen energy technologies, such as fuel cells.

Our essential program of work in 2021-2022 includes:

  • an advocacy and awareness campaign for hydrogen;
  • delivering high quality seminars and workshops in key locations and online;
  • developing an industry-led Guarentee of Origin scheme for renewable hydrogen, ammonia, and metals

Our program work to-date has consisted of:

  • contributing to the deveopment of a formal certification process and standards for hydrogen in Australia;
  • delivering events including seminars, roundtables, masterclasses and a dedicated conference; and
  • a FREE webinar series featuring leading academics and global hydrogen experts.

Hydrogen Events

To see our current event schedule or to register, please click here.

Click here to view our previous webinars.


Membership for Hydrogen Australia is incorporated into Smart Energy Council membership, you can opt in to communications, networking and events related to hydrogen.

Hydrogen Australia is local, but our reach is global, and our memberships are open to individuals and corporate bodies who want to actively support and/or promote:

  • the use of hydrogen energy,
  • informing engineers and other professionals in the energy business; and
  • informing academic researchers, students and others with an interest in clean and sustainable energy systems.

To view current members, please click here or search our smart energy industry directory.

Enquiries regarding Hydrogen Australia membership should be directed to Luke Shavak, Sales Manager on e: [email protected], or on m: +61 499 345 013.


Any enquiries regarding Hydrogen Australia advocacy program should be directed to Wayne Smith, Government Relations Manager on e: [email protected], or on m: +61 417 141 812.

Events: Webinars, Workshops and Activities

Any enquiries regarding Hydrogen Australia events, activities or membership should be directed to Max Hewitt, Hydrogen Australia Division Manager on e: [email protected], or on m: +61 411 367 614.

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