Hydrogen Australia Webinar Series

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The Hydrogen Transition Pathway Webinar

In this webinar learn about forecasting and monitoring tools, Australia's opportunity to export zero carbon Hydrogen to Asian markets, real projects and solutions from the field and more.

Agenda and Presenters:

  • Dr Nadia Leibbrandt - KPMG
  • Dr Fiona Beck - The Australian National University
  • Sam Lee Mohan - ATCO Group
  • John Grimes, CEO, Smart Energy Council.

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Intro to Hydrogen Webinar

Conducted by the Smart Energy Council on 30 October 2019.

The Webinar – Intro to H2: Hydrogen's role in the economy – provided a great outline of the role of hydrogen, how we can use it, and the massive benefits that this zero-emissions fuel can deliver for Australia.

Thank you again to our Guest Presenters:

Click on the visual below to watch the webinar. Please forgive the technical difficulties between 37:55-39:34.

Be sure to check out Siemens' Hydrogen Solutions Website for more information about how hydrogen will fit into our economy!

We will continue this very important discussion on Australia's hydrogen opportunities at the Hydrogen Conference & Exhibition 2021.

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