Industry Consultation with Stakeholders

The Smart Energy Council will continue to be a strong voice for our members and contribute and coordinate responses to consultation.

Currently, there are a number of industry consulations underway, nearing completion or competed, they include:

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NEM Distributed Energy Resources program

(Consultation closed 3 August 2018)

AEMO have worked with the ENA to co-author a consultation paper entitled "Optimising the consumer based power network". The paper explores the opportunities that optimising distributed energy resources in a coordinated way in the distribution network and in the wholesale market will bring.

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Distributed Energy Resources National Connection Guidelines

(31 May 2018)

The development of National Connection Guidelines to standardise the connection of distributed energy resources (DER) into the grid has been identified by the Energy Networks Australia /CSIRO Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap as a critical action to better integrate of growing numbers of customer resources into the grid. 

To support this Energy Networks Australia has recently commenced a project to prepare a nationally consistent set of guidelines for network connection of a range of generation technologies, outlining the technical requirements to facilitate streamlined integration.

Click here to view the guidelines.

For more information and to view the webinar please visit the ENA website.

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