The Positive Quality™ Inspection Program

The Positive Quality™ (PQ) program is a due diligence program for manufacturers and the benefit of solar customers.

Regular and Random inspections

The Positive Quality program includes a regime of rigorous factory inspections which aims to raise the quality standard in Australia.

In addition to regular inspections, manufacturing sites are also subjected to random inspections to test that manufacturing systems, processes and outputs are consistent and maintain continuous quality assurance.


Steps in the Inspection Program

Step 1: Certification

The factory needs to provide genuine certificates and test reports showing that all the products imported into Australia are compliant with IEC and Australian standards.

This urges the manufacturers to renew the certification as required and reflect any important changes in the standards.

Step 2: Factory Inspection

A team of experienced auditors will be sent to the factory and conduct a 60-point check. This process has been established for more than 6 years and has been implemented on over 30 PV manufacturers.

The inspection focus on the bill of material, the standard operating procedure, and quality control measures in the company, which are crucial to the ability to stably produce high-quality products.

Positive result of this inspection will build confidence for customers to believe that the products are consistently manufactured to a very high quality as certified by accredited laboratories.

Step 3: Product Quality Check

In this step, the quality of the products is further ensured by randomly measuring all the necessary product characteristics including:

  • appearance,
  • IV,
  • EL,
  • Hi-Pot, and
  • Leakage current.

We will also make sure the manufacturers are testing all their products in a genuine and consistent way and the test results are trustworthy.

How to join the Positive Quality Program?

We welcome quality manufacturers and Australian companies with their own module brands to participate in the Positive Quality program and associate your brand with quality.

For more information about joining the Positive Quality program please contact:

Marianne Fang on M: +64 21 182 4699 or email m[email protected]

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