If you are an existing Master Installer or anyone at all who would like to refer an installer to our Master Installer course please fill out the forms below. We will get an invoice sent to the installer with the Mates Rates offer of $250 (normally $350pp). After the installer has paid the invoice, we will phone you to congratulate you and grab your bank details for your $100.

Feel free to refer as many installers as you like and EARN $100 for every referral!




If you are the person referring an installer please fill out your details below.

This is the phone you will be called to get your bank details.


Please enter details of the installer below. On the first login after the installer has paid for their membership - they will be asked for their CEC Installer accreditation and other certifications. They will then be able to set up their biography to display on our Master Installer map.

This email address is where you will receive your invoice for membership