National Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Register

Battery storage systems are becoming more popular and many Australian households have installed systems.

It is expected that under a high-growth scenario, around 450,000 energy storage systems could be installed by 2020. In addition, the combination of residential and commercial energy storage could deliver 3 GWh of distributed storag by 2020 (source: Australian Energy Storage Market Analysis, Smart Energy Council, June 2018).

However, actual data is difficult to obtain because households are not required to provide information to regulators or their energy utilities – unlike rooftop solar where financial incentives require the registration of solar PV systems.

In late 2017, to assist with energy network planning the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council approved a rule change and designated the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) as the manager of a new national DER register.

What kinds of information will be collected in the new registry?

  • Location;
  • Make and model;
  • Battery capacity; and
  • Device settings.

Information collection in the interim and in the new registry

  • Customer information will be collected by agents (electricians and installers) and distribution businesses

  • The Smart Energy Council encourages disclosure of information as the aggregated data assists reporting, decision making and informs policy making.

Accessing the data

This data is not currently public available.

For more information about the rule change and the register please visit: and