AISWEI presents: Solplanet Inverters


Melbourne, January 28th, 2020 Here comes a real novelty in the PV inverter space: Leveraging on the engineering know-how and manufacturing expertise of the most prominent German inverter manufacturer, AISWEI introduces a new range of inverters at a truly affordable price point: The SOLPLANET series of inverters.

AISWEI, formerly SMA China, has just released a series of new high-tech inverters, and is rapidly developing markets across the globe.

The inverters, called SOLPLANET, feature more intelligent system applications, new innovative technology, and high-quality design and manufacturing.

Founded on a very strong German technology know-how, with more than 100MEUR revenue in 2018, one of the strongest balance sheets in the PV industry and 100% operated with own capital without any bank loans or outside investment, AISWEI was launched as an independent company in April 2019.

The team is specializing in developing and manufacturing PV inverters, and is building on the previous success of the ZEVERSOLAR range of inverters from the SMA Group. Customers benefit from working with the exact same engineers and the exact same processes in the exact same facilities as before.

The SOLPLANET product range offered is from 1kW through to 50kW, and includes single phase, three phase and Hybrid inverters, for residential, commercial, and utility use.

AISWEI will continue to combine German technology integrated with advanced process and the speed of Chinese engineers, and is planning to bring many more new and innovative SOLPLANET products to the worldwide PV market in the near future.

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AISWEI Pty Ltd – Level 40, 140 William Street Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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