Australian Battery Performance Standard Project Update - December 2019

Australian Battery Performance Standard Project Update - Webinar 3

On Thursday 12 December, the Battery Performance Standard project consortium – DNV GL, CSIRO, Deakin University and the Smart Energy Council - held a webinar to update the industry on progress on this world-leading project.

The webinar featured an update on the progress of the draft battery performance standard and the draft best practice guide.Click on the visual below to watch the Webinar.

Webinar Powerpoint Slides:

Download the draft documents for the Australian Battery Performance Standard (Word documents):

  1. Draft Australian Battery Performance Standard
  2. Draft BMS Recommended Criteria Report
  3. Draft Best Practice Guide

We need your feedback on the Draft Standard and Draft Best Practice Guide. Please e-mail any comments and suggested edits to [email protected]

Project Next Steps:

Milestone 4: January 15 2020 - Delivery of:

  • Recommended criteria to select a battery managmeent system (BMS)
  • Recommmend minimum set of information for safety data sheet (SDS)

Milestone 5: June 15 2020 - Project completion. Delivery of:

  • Report on performance related hazard identification process
  • Report on Battery Capacity Esitmation Methodology
  • Final Proposed Battery Performance Standard
  • Interim Industry Best Practice Guideline

This project is funded by ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program and the Victorian Government’s New Energy Jobs Fund.

For more project information, please visit: