Canadian Solar Launches HiKu Mono in the Australian Market

Higher Power, Higher Efficiency, Cooler Modules – Canadian Solar Launches HiKu Mono in the Australian Market

Melbourne, Australia: Monday 16 March 2020.

Canadian Solar MSS (Australia) announced the launch of its innovative HiKu Monocrystalline module in the Australian market in 2020. The HiKu Mono offers industry leading power of up to 450W, and impressive module conversion efficiency of up to 20.37%. As part of the HiKu range, the HiKu Mono is one of the most powerful modules in the Australian market, offering greater energy output than conventional PV modules.

“The HiKu Mono is an exciting new addition to our product range in Australia, offering class leading technology, exceptional power and efficiency. Our expert local team pride themselves on consistently delivering high quality products and services to meet the needs of our customers” stated Haydn Fletcher, Canadian Solar Australia’s MSS Country Manager.

The HiKu Mono utilises Canadian Solar’s Ku technology. This dual cell, dual module design ensures higher power in a cooler module for safer, more reliable and efficient PV modules. Keeping their cool under the Australian sun, the innovative Ku module design ensures the HiKu modules maintain a lower module operating temperature. The HiKu Mono has a lower hotspot risk, with up to 65℃ lower temperature than full cell modules, making it a safer, more reliable choice for Australian households.

The HiKu Mono has excellent anti-degradation performance, with <2% power degradation after 200kwh/m² LID and 500h laboratory LeTID testing. This minimisation of power loss is why the HiKu is an outstanding product for reliability and performance longevity.
Canadian Solar is one of the world's leading companies in LeTID research and has successfully developed its unique anti-LeTID technology to guarantee their advanced modules' superb performance in the field.

“Commitment to R&D, and an uncompromising approach to quality control has put Canadian Solar on the forefront of advancements in Solar Technology” Fletcher continued.

To date, Canadian Solar is the only PV manufacturer to have implemented large sampling test volumes in production for LeTID testing. Only the production batches that meet strict quality targets are used for module production. Canadian Solar is committed to quality and excellence across all their module ranges, with 411 quality control points across their PV module manufacturing process.

The HiKu range, available in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

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