CEC calls for State Governments to endorse renewables–destroying NEG

Who does the Clean Energy Council speak for?

Late yesterday the Clean Energy Council signed an open letter urging the States to lock in the National Energy Guarantee (NEG). Click here to view the joint statement.

The CEC have added their logo, alongside CEC members Adani and AGL.

While these two companies may invest in renewables, both are heavily invested in fossil fuels. 

Not one of the other signatories are likely to invest in renewables.

If adopted, the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) could lock in a renewable energy investment strike for the next decade.

If public funding for coal is bolted on, international investors will drop Australian renewable energy investments and take their money elsewhere.

As we have flagged, the government’s next target is support for rooftop solar, which has saved consumers millions.


The NEG has five fundamental flaws:

  • no encouragement for investment in renewables;
  • no cut to coal pollution;
  • no reduction in power bills;
  • no way to easily change it; and
  • the final design hasn’t been settled by the Coalition Party room.

And yet this policy failure is endorsed by the Clean Energy Council!

The ESB, AEMO, AEMC and ACCC all say more renewables means lower prices for consumers.

The Smart Energy Council stands up for consumers and the renewable energy industry, from installers to global companies, when the CEC won’t.

We have written again to Energy Ministers urging them not to endorse the National Energy Guarantee mechanism or emissions reduction target at Friday’s COAG meeting. 

We need the right policy, not just any policy.

If you are a CEC member, call them on (03) 9929 4100, and tell them how offended you are by their support for the renewables-destroying National Energy Guarantee.

Ask them who they represent.

If you’re not a Smart Energy Council member please click here to join.

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