Consultation on Regulatory Changes for Smarter Homes – South Australia

Smart Energy Council response to the proposed regulatory changes for smarter homes in South Australia.

The Smart Energy Council, and its member companies, are deeply concerned about the proposed timeframe for these changes. The consultation process, which began just before the end of the 2019/2020 financial year, was extremely limited and created significant confusion. The proposed implementation timeline is unrealistic and could cause enormous damage to the solar industry.

The consultation papers alone have led to cancelled orders, a reduction in forward orders and significant uncertainty in the solar industry.

The unrealistic, rushed timeframe has the potential to significantly impact the solar and storage industry at the worst possible time. The industry is facing significant uncertainty with the lockdown in Victoria and cannot afford additional uncertainty in South Australia.

The proposed implementation timeline also appears to be divorced from the practical and lived experiences of global inverter manufacturers, local solar retailers and installers and SA Power Networks (SAPN). It is unclear how some of the proposals will be implemented, who will pay for the changes and how the proposed changes will be enforced.

The Smart Energy Council is particularly concerned that the proposed changes will leave South Australian solar families worse off financially.

The Smart Energy Council urges the South Australian Government to rethink the proposed approach, to reconsider the timelines and to immediately explore other mechanisms for addressing the critical system security issues.

The Smart Energy Council would welcome the opportunity to work with the South Australian Government to address these issues and would be pleased to facilitate an additional consultation process with its members and to provide other options for addressing the system security issues.

The Smart Energy Council has responded to the South Australian Government’s proposed package of regulatory changes for distribution generation. The Smart Energy Council’s submission can be found below.