Energizer selects Evergen as exclusive global provider of optimisation & VPP software

Energizer selects Evergen as exclusive global provider of optimisation & VPP software

Sydney, Australia, 18 February 2020 – Evergen, one of Australia’s fastest growing renewable energy systems and software providers, has entered into an exclusive partnership with energy storage solutions manufacturer 8 Star Energy to offer products and services that place stored power in the control of the people for a better energy future.

Based in Melbourne, 8 Star Energy is the sole licensee for Energizer and Eveready branded products in the portable power, containerised and home battery energy storage system categories and has been appointed as the sole global provider of the new Energizer batteries into 56 countries. After extensive market exploration, 8 Star Energy has selected Evergen as its exclusive optimisation software partner with every Energizer battery deployed in commercial and residential sites to be optimised with Evergen Energy Intelligence Software.

The collaboration brings together complementary interests and capabilities of Evergen and 8 Star Energy to develop paths to market for Energizer distributed storage systems and software in Australia and overseas and supports both companies’ global expansion plans. As part of the agreement, Evergen will become the default provider of optimisation, virtual power plant (VPP), Microgrid, and other related software for distributed storage assets sold under the Energizer brand.

Ben Hutt, Evergen CEO and Managing Director, said, “We are excited to partner with 8 Star Energy and provide Evergen Energy Intelligence Software as part of its Energizer product suite. The Energizer brand has a strong presence worldwide and this partnership is aligned with the Evergen global strategy to have our Australian software distributed alongside a household name. As international energy markets evolve, battery storage technologies and the software that enables and controls them will become integral in the energy landscape of the future.”

Clark McKeon, CEO of 8 Star Energy, said, “Our partnership with Evergen demonstrates the scope of our collective innovative technologies and services we provide to customers that deliver cost savings and efficient management of their energy consumption. As the world’s energy requirements increase and the switch to renewables is fast becoming the norm, people are demanding clean energy that suits their individual needs. We are focused on delivering robust and reliable systems that will help customers increase the value of their power.”

Evergen is at the forefront of the green economy with the country’s most advanced smart solar and battery systems and software. Evergen’s intelligent energy management system increases the performance of single dwelling solar and battery systems and enables operation of virtual power plants (VPP) and microgrids, where fleets of systems are orchestrated and optimised together with the energy networks, not just in Australia, but in a growing number of international markets. Its technology delivers significant savings to customers (on average up to 80 per cent of electricity costs) and it is contracted in several network operator initiatives to test the impact that batteries at both a residential and commercial scale can have on distributed energy networks through VPPs, Microgrids, Demand Response and other initiatives.

More information about Energizer home batteries with Evergen Intelligent Control software is available at www.evergen.com.au/energizer

About Evergen
Evergen offers homeowners and businesses the ability to seek protection from the rising prices of energy, a sense of control, and a simple, sustainable solution they can trust. Evergen was founded with the vision of lowering the cost of energy for all Australians, using clean, renewable power and intelligent technology.

Evergen is a multi-award-winning business that has earned the 2018 Optus My Business Awards Energy Business of the Year and debuted on the Financial Review Fast Starters 2018 list. For more information, visit www.evergen.com.au.

About 8 Star Energy
8 Star Energy is an Australian energy storage solutions manufacturer specialising in residential, commercial and off-grid mass storage solar systems and is the sole licence partner for Energizer and Eveready home batteries and portable power. From lithium-ion consumer electronics products through to industrial energy storage solutions in solar, that is complemented by a seamless global manufacturing capacity, 8 Star Energy offers turnkey solutions in energy storage globally. For more information, visit www.8starenergy.com.

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