Global Smart Energy Summit 2020 – A note from John Grimes, CEO of Smart Energy Council

As the world continues to recover from the initial shock of the global pandemic we now face the dual challenges of how to recover economically from this crisis while continuing to address the growing impact of climate change.  


What this pandemic has taught us to do is to challenge our limiting beliefs. Before 2020, it was believed that mass remote and flexible working was too difficult to achieve and yet, when it was needed, the majority of companies were able to make it happen almost overnight.


Another belief was that big decisions or important discussions had to happen in person. However, we’ve realised that virtual discussions, like this one, can break down barriers and make these conversations more accessible to a wider range of expert speakers and participants. 


This is why we are partnering with Zoom to host the  Global Smart Energy Summit on 29-30 September 2020. We are using Zoom’s platform to bring together global experts in economics, public policy, energy policy and climate science.  Together we will develop a roadmap of action to stimulate the economy, create millions of new jobs, promote development and help tackle climate change.



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Leading global economist and United Nations Climate Envoy Mark Carney will join former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to discuss a rebuild green strategy.


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Global leaders will outline what their countries are doing to take action, including the Prime Minister of Fiji.   


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Leading economist Jeffrey Sachs will present alongside founder and world-leader climate change campaigner Bill McKibben.  RE100 is a collection of major global multinational companies who have all pledged to go 100% renewable.  Together, if they were a country, they would be the world’s 26th largest economy.  


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Global leaders will be joined by important Australian voices, representing the business sector, leading national think tanks, and public policy experts.


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We have all seen how quickly things can change, and ideas can take hold.  A powerful example of this is when global tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes made a bet with Tesla founder Elon Musk.  The result was the world’s biggest battery connected to the South Australian grid 86 days after approval was granted.

The world badly needs sensible economic and climate action, and Zoom is making the debate possible.  Register here to attend free of charge.


John Grimes

Chief Executive

Australian Smart Energy Council