National Hydrogen Strategy

The National Hydrogen Strategy – Key take aways

The much-anticipated National Hydrogen Strategy was released at the COAG Energy Council meeting on 22 November marking an important milestone for the hydrogen industry.

Hydrogen Australia is pleased to support the National Hydrogen Strategy and will work hard to ensure the successful development of a strong industry.

The National Hydrogen Strategy indicates Australia will be seeking to develop a clean hydrogen industry, with the goal of establishing Australia as a major global player by 2030, with an innovative, safe and competitive industry. Governments must focus on renewable hydrogen.


Key take aways:

  • Hydrogen hubs will be the model for early-stage approach, demonstrating the value of sector-coupling and reducing total infrastructure costs.
  • Australia will seek to play a lead role in the design and development of a sophisticated international guarantee of origin scheme. This scheme would identify production technology, carbon emissions associated with production, and production location.
  • The Australian Government will publish an annual ‘State of Hydrogen’ report.
  • The inaugural ‘National Hydrogen Infrastructure Assessment’ to be completed by 2022.
  • Supporting the development of standards for the hydrogen industry, as well as establishing community education programs to build knowledge and engagement.
  • Development of nationally consistent training materials and guidelines for procedures, with scope to consider a system of mutual accreditation.
  • No mandatory national target and no market constraints or changes to taxation, levies or other fees have been made.