Simon Holmes a Court

New Director – Simon Holmes à Court

The AGM of the Smart Energy Council was held in Canberra on 23 October 2018.

There were three Director positions to be filled for which there were four nominations. Phil Livingston and Cheryl Robertson were re-elected and Simon Holmes à Court was elected to the Board for a first term.

The AGM passed motions of thanks to retiring Directors, Glen Morris, Paul Scerri and Chris Taylor, all of whom have made valuable contributions to the Council as Members and Directors over many years.

Simon Holmes à Court

Simon Holmes a CourtSimon Holmes à Court is one of Australia’s leading energy commentators and analysts.

He is a senior adviser to the Climate and Energy College at the Energy Transition Hub at Melbourne University.

Simon was the founding Director of Hepburn Wind and Embark.

"I have enjoyed watching the Smart Energy Council purposefully and confidently engage in the national conversation around energy and it is a privilege to serve as a director of this most important player in the transformation of Australian energy sector."


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