PV installations on the rise

Solar installations were on the rise in September with small-scale technology certificates representing 23,419 PV systems and 179MW of capacity submitted during the month. Compared with August that was a rise of 3.8 per cent and 4.3 per cent respectively, and the state with the biggest rise was Victoria where residential system numbers were up 20 per cent on August.

All states except Queensland recorded an increase in the number of residential PV systems, although Queensland holds onto the title of leading state for residential installed capacity in 2019, according the latest Solar Snapshot compiled by Green Energy Markets.

The tally of 179MW of solar PV units creating certificates in September comes in at 8 per cent above the prior year to date monthly average recorded from January to August.

Year-to-date installed capacity for systems creating certificates was 1,500MW; 38 per cent above the 1,084MW registered by same time last year.

As of the end of September, the 2019 year-to-date average weekly (net) STC creation rate was 663,800; up from 659,600 at the end August and 17 per cent above the 2019 Clean Energy Regulator Target's weekly requirement of 569,000.

The commercial market rose 2.8 per cent in September, with increased system numbers in NSW, Queensland and South Australia offsetting the drop in systems in Victoria and Western Australia.  

Victoria retains the highest level of commercial installed capacity in 2019, bolstered by large commercial systems >50kW.

Solar water heaters: STCs numbering 161,000 representing 5,410 SWH systems were created in September; 17 per cent below August figures. 

Year-to-date SWH system numbers at the end September came in at 50,095 which is 4 per cent above compared to the 48,327 clocked up by the same time last year.

Green Energy Markets also reported the STC spot price opened September at $37.20 and drifted up slowly during the first half of month to reach $37.40 by mid-month. 

On 16 September the STC spot price rose to $37.70 and continued to climb during the following week, peaking at $38.25 on 24 September – the highest spot price since June 2018. 

From September 25 the spot price started trending down and closed the month at $37.85. 

At October 2 the STC spot price closed $37.60.