China Australian Smart Energy Delegation

Smart Energy Delegation Amazed by China

China Australian Smart Energy Delegation

Less than a month ago we took an Australian and New Zealand Smart Energy Delegation on an extraordinary journey to understand China’s smart energy revolution.

Over 12 days we led 16 delegates across China, covering 2,500km, visiting 9 cities and 10 companies and factories.

Delegates came from a broad cross section of the industry - household and commercial solar and storage, fund managers, project developers, retailers, researchers, consumer representatives and a grid distribution company in NZ.

By the second company visit on the first day, one of the delegates turned to me and said ‘Its all over.  China have won’.

As we looked across the massive assembly line for electric cars and buses at BYD, I could but agree.

Since 2011 BYD have deployed 17,000 electric taxies and 22,000 electric buses in their hometown alone.  They have learnt about mass charging, battery cycle life and user acceptance first hand. 

And there it was.  A beautiful all electric SUV, with a 500km range, for under USD55,000, which is on track for assembly in Adelaide. 

Then we found another.  Check out

Better.  Than.  Tesla.

The front passenger seat turns into a nearly lie flat bed.

I ran into a NEO owner a few days later half way across the country, and asked him how he found the car.  

In broken english he told me he was so proud that it was China designed and built.

I had to agree with him.

We visited world leading solar panel factories that turn out twice the number of panels than the entire Australian market installs in a year.

We saw inverter and battery quality control, and individual product testing that would make Steve Jobs proud.

Everywhere we went the hospitality was amazing.

At the smart energy expo in Shanghai, we saw the latest shingle, half cell, double glass modules. 

PV integrated into windows, building cladding, and roof tiles, as well as the latest solar batteries and the latest energy management software.

We also saw delivery trucks that run on renewable hydrogen, 9kg of hydrogen for 350km of truck sized travel.

But it was not just the smart energy technology that delegates were experiencing.

It was the light speed pace of development in China as a whole.

As we passed through the high-speed train terminal in Shanghai, I paused to look over the 50,000+ people in the arrival halls.  All were firmly in the international middle class.

From Shenzhen to Shangrao to Shanghai, there has been a significant improvement in China’s air quality. 

Standing in the historic Shanghai Bund at night, looking across the Huangpu River, we could clearly saw Shanghai’s incredible skyline and even some stars.

Could not do that even 2 years ago. 

China is not just making smart energy products for the world, it is the world’s largest smart energy market.

What did the delegates think?  

Well, the trip was like a gruelling live-in exercise you might get at the culmination of one of the world’s top MBA programs.  

Long days.  Lots of moving parts.

But to a person, delegates all agreed it was a professional and personal development experience that was completely unique, and extremely valuable.

100% of people rated the delegation organisation as ‘excellent’.

Extraordinary feedback.

We are already planning the next delegation, likely for November this year…. Shoot us an email if you want to be kept informed - [email protected]

Special thanks to…

Growatt  Longi Solar  Jinko Solar SolaX Power Pylontech  Alpha ESS BYD

As well as Madam Mi Yue and everybody who met with us over the visit

Delegate Testimonials… 

Jean-Claude Cesario, Alpha 8

‘Thanks to the hard work of the team at Smart Energy Council, this trip was organised and realised flawlessly.

The trip was a fantastic eye-opener … and one that has convinced me that ‘China owns the future’!    

I would strongly encourage anyone that has the opportunity to do so to attend such signature trips organised by the Smart Energy Council.

I am also happy to amplify my comments further and can be contacted via the SEC.’    

Barbara Elliston, EasyWarm

‘Fantastic trip, well organised, got lots of up to date knowledge to really guide what our company strategy needs to be to stay relevant and succeed’.


David Ritson, AusVolt

‘A well organised tour … plus the networking opportunity of travelling with people from a diverse range of businesses in the industry’.


Andreas Sideratos

‘A fantastic delegation that I can highly recommend to anyone at any level of industry experience’.