SolarEdge now distributed by One Stop Warehouse

One Stop Warehouse is delighted to announce will now be distributing a select range SolarEdge Products across its national Warehouse network.

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. (“SolarEdge”) (NASDAQ: SEDG),  is a global leader in PV inverters, power optimisers, module-level monitoring service. 

SolarEdge provides intelligent inverter solutions that have changed the way power is harvested and managed in solar photovoltaic systems. The SolarEdge DC optimised inverter system maximises power generation at the individual PV module-level while lowering the cost of energy produced by the solar PV system. Supporting increased PV proliferation, the SolarEdge system consists of power optimisers, inverters, smart energy management, and a cloud-based monitoring platform. SolarEdge’s solutions address a broad range of solar market segments, from residential solar installations to commercial and small utility-scale solar installations. SolarEdge is online at

Andy Cheng Product and Marketing Manager for One Stop Warehouse commented.  “We believe bringing valued product from SolarEdge will enhance the opportunities for our customers to bring clever quality solutions to their customer base. We look forward to developing a long term relationship that will bring lasting value to our customers.”

He also said: “SolarEdge was attracted to One Stop warehouse ‘long tail strategy’ of helping the supporting the success of its smaller customers with long term technical support and business development and networking.”

Gavin Merchant, Country Manager for SolarEdge said “OSW is one of Australia’s fastest growing companies whose national footprint and capable leadership presents SolarEdge with a great opportunity to reach long-tail customers”.

Continuing to advance smart energy, SolarEdge addresses a broad range of energy market segments through its diversified product offerings. Such as residential, commercial and large scale PV, energy storage and backup solutions, EV charging, home energy management, grid services and virtual power plants, batteries and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) solutions. You can find the new range of SolarEdge products that we will be stocking on the One Stop Warehouse website.


About One Stop Warehouse

Listed amongst the top 500 privately listed companies, and recognised as one of Australia’s fastest-growing 100 companies in the Australian Financial Review Fast 100 list 2018, One Stop Warehouse (OSW) is Australia’s largest Solar Distributor.

Stocking everything from PV panels, inverters, solar storage options to racking, components and all electrical needs, we ensure we are indeed the ONE STOP for all your solar needs.

Sharing the dream of many Australian’s – to reduce the carbon footprint, drive sustainability and create savings, our motto is “Be Clean - Be Green”.  As one of the fastest-growing wholesalers, we have made significant progress in this dream, receiving multiple awards and commendations, most recently being awarded as Australia’s top PV supplier 2018 and 2019 for customer choice, and distribution of modules and energy storage from one of Europe’s top research companies, EuPD Research.

With offices based in 5 states throughout Australia – and continuing to grow!


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