Webinar Recording Now Available: 500 Per Cent Renewables

Webinar Recording: 500% Renewables

The recording from Wednesday's Webinar – 500% Renewables: Australia's Renewable Energy Future – is now available to watch.

The webinar provided a great outline of the latest views on the role of renewables in Australia's energy future including the opportunities to combine our mineral resources with our excellent renewable energy endowment to make metals without carbon emissions.

Special thanks to leading renewable energy thinkers and guest presenters:

Watch the webinar below, or click here.

The webinar is a primer for the National Smart Energy Summit on 10 December in Sydney where Australia's renewable energy future will be explored in greater detail.

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Hydrogen Australia is pleased to support the National Hydrogen Strategy - released at the COAG Energy Council meeting on 22 November - and will work hard to ensure the successful development of a strong industry.

We welcome the development of a sophisticated international guarantee of origin scheme and Hydrogen hubs as the main pathway to early-stage development.

It is essential that we track carbon emissions associated with the production of hydrogen and that governments enable Australia to develop a strong renewable hydrogen industry.

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