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Elgas provides one of the most versatile and portable energies to homes
Elgas Ltd
North Ryde, NSW
10 Julius Ave
North Ryde, NSW, 2113

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About Us

Elgas provides one of the most versatile and portable energies to homes, businesses, and BBQ customers, in the form of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). It also markets LNG to Stationary Energy customers, and is the largest Autogas wholesaler in Australia that is not owned or managed by an oil company.
LPG is a proven genuine low carbon fuel that produces less emissions than coal fired electricity, heating oil or petrol, emitting virtually no black carbon or other particulates. LPG is a readily available and reliable fuel that more than 5 million users depend on every day.. With over 75,000 tonnes of storage capacity, and an expanding network of 60 depots, we are known for giving great local service and support. We have more than 5,000 other outlets that service our customers with product – from industrial and hardware stores, to the local corner shop.
LPG is more than just a fuel for cooking, heating and hot water. Elgas is working with emerging technology providers to further diversify the uses of LPG. Increasingly it is being used as an alternate energy source due to its portability and abundant supply for baseload, back up or peaking power supply. LPG is also being used to smooth out the reliability of renewable technologies as a peaking power source for solar plants. 
Renewable hybrid systems with combined solar, battery and onsite power generation through LPG can provide cleaner, affordable and reliable energy to many households and businesses – providing a much cleaner footprint than higher emitting diesel.
We continue to work closely with global and local innovators to bring new LPG applications and technology to market. Now more than ever, LPG is a real choice – an established, competitive choice with reliable supply.