Cobra Energía

The ACS Group is the world’s largest international contractor
Cobra Energía
Madrid, MD
Calle Cardenal Marcelo Spinola 10 y 6
Madrid, MD, 28016

Key Contacts

Alan Atchison
Country Manager, Cobra Energía

About Us

The ACS Group is the world’s largest international contractor, and Grupo Cobra is the key company within the ACS Group’s Industrial Services Division.   Cobra delivers both concession and “turnkey” (EPC) construction contracts as well as industrial infrastructure operations and maintenance activities.  The Group has a turnover of around €4 billion, a presence in more than 36 countries, employs 28,000 people, and an A+ Stable international risk rating.


Cobra specializes in all types of industrial projects, including HV electric grids, rail installations, water treatment infrastructure, and traffic control systems.  And it is a world leader in the EPC of utility-scale renewable energy generation with important references in the design, procurement and construction of solar thermal plants (CSP), using both parabolic trough technology and “power towers”, as well as photovoltaic solar projects, wind and hydro-electricity plants.


Cobra provides its clients with a full risk wrap for the EPC projects it delivers, along with fully bankable solutions and an admirable track record of successful project implementation on 5 continents. Cobra is flexible and independent, and free to select the best technological and OEM solution for the projects it undertakes. The company is also ready to invest in Australian renewables projects.


Cobra has arrangements in place to ensure competitive and reliable local delivery of major renewable projects, and we look forward to working with developers to realize the potential of renewables in Australia.

Business Category

  • Installer

Business Application

  • Grid-Connect
  • Off-Grid
  • Micro-Grid
  • Industrial


  • Large-scale solar PV
  • Large-scale Hydro
  • Wind Power Stations
  • Wind Farms

Regions Covered

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • South America
  • Middle East