FE Australia Pty Ltd Freedom Energy

Freedom Energy develops, finances, and builds off-grid power projects
FE Australia Pty Ltd Freedom Energy
34 Thynne Street
BRUCE, ACT, 2617

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Andrew Dickson

About Us

Freedom Energy develops, finances, and builds off-grid power projects. By intelligently combining solar, battery storage and backup generation, we provide reliable dispatchable power in a range of off-grid situations. Utilising the best available technology, an innovative development approach and creative financial structures, we deliver affordable clean power in non-electrified locations around the globe. International Power Supply (IPS) is a European company with experience in high-tech innovation spanning over 27 years. IPS specialises in the R&D and manufacturing of power electronics and power conversion equipment. IPS’s products are especially suitable for the Telecommunications, Utilities and Defence sectors, putting emphasis on off-grid power systems with significant fuel and other OPEX savings. EXERON is IPS’ flagship product. Exeron is a hybrid energy control system designed to deliver reliable power in a wide range of off-grid applications around the world, 24/7. Exeron’s unique Plug&Play architecture provides unmatched reliability and allows all systems to be scaled up to 65MW. The system’s proprietary BMS received the prestigious Electrical Energy Storage award in 2014 for its ability to extend a battery’s lifecycle by up to 30%. The successful collaboration between Freedom Energy and IPS brings a unique mix of experience and innovation to the exciting new field of distributed renewable energy generation.