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SolarReserve is a leading global developer of utility-scale solar power projects
SolarReserve Australia Pty Ltd
Adelaide, SA
Level 5 26 Flinders Street
Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Daniel Thompson

About Us

SolarReserve is a leading global developer of utility-scale solar power projects, including both Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic (PV) technologies. The Company has commercialised and owns the intellectual property rights to an advanced solar thermal technology with integrated energy storage that solves the intermittency issues experienced with other renewable energy sources. This proven technology generates renewable baseload and dispatchable power and can compete with traditional fossil-fired electricity generation. Since its founding in 2008, SolarReserve has successfully financed five large-scale projects, including the world’s largest molten salt power tower and the largest PV project in Africa. SolarReserve has a highly experienced team across all disciplines, including development; engineering; operations; finance; construction; project management; and asset management; with an exceptional track record of industry success. A seasoned management team is the driving force behind SolarReserve’s success. Our executives have built more than 27,000 MW and financed more than $48 billion in energy projects globally. The company has more than USD$1.8 billion of projects in operation worldwide, with long-term power contracts for 482 MW of solar projects representing USD$3 billion of project capital. Our team has assembled an extensive 10,000 MW development portfolio of large-scale solar projects including CSP and PV technology.