Sunvertec Ace Electronics

Sunvertec is an Australian business based in Perth
Sunvertec Ace Electronics
1/9 Trade Road
PERTH, WA, 6090

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Kevin Davies

About Us

Sunvertec is an Australian business based in Perth, Western Australia. Behind the Sunvertec innovation are founding engineers Kevin Davies and Alexander Davies. As co-founders of Sunvertec, Kevin and Alexander are driven to improving solar energy processes and have a strong commitment to lowering the price of energy conversion, and renewable energy, throughout the world. Kevin and Alexander come from a long background of engineering and supplying high quality electronics for the mining industry in Western Australia, all manufactured in Perth. With new production equipment on the way, Sunvertec is to continue this same path - high quality, low cost, power conversion manufactured in Australia. Kevin Davies has a career spanning more than 20 years in engineering, has over 20 granted patents in many technical fields of invention and is backed by instrument trade qualification, Diploma of Electronics and two tertiary degrees with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Alex Davies brings to this project a lifetime of programming experience, an exceptional understanding of engineering principles, and expertise in automatic testing, automated QA imaging and software design. Sunvertec has many pending patents for distributed inverter technology, with the first filed in 2010. We are excited to be at the frontier of this all-new technology. First announced in May 2015, Xenos is the result of more than 5 years of R+D and is coming to market in 2016.

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  • Distribution/ Wholesale

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  • WA