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T4E, a technology pioneer, has been providing innovative and
T4E Australia Pty Ltd
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Key Contacts

Serdar Yilmaz

About Us

T4E, a technology pioneer, has been providing innovative and efficient solutions for renewables and energy management, and established in 2010 as being a sister company of Endoks Energy Systems, which is also a pioneer in power electronics area. Energy Management Software, Renewables, Power Electronics, Power Quality, Hardware Design. We are providing customized solutions with our partners in more than 26 countries, from design to implementation. inavitas ENERGY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Thanks to inavitas, new product family of Endoks for “decision makers” at all levels, now it is possible to monitor, analyse and make right decisions on-time for investment, operation and maintenance purposes from generation up to single end-customer. Monitoring of power generation, Generation forecasts using meteorological data, Analysis on expected and generated energy, Quick response to failures by well developed alarm system, Decision support on predictive maintenance, Real time data monitoring and event detection, Integration with multiple systems, Fleet management for solar power plants. EASY TO USE, Easy to use and clarity is one of the goals of us with avoiding difficulties for users. MULTI-PLATFORM SUPPORT You can easily connect with PC, Tablets, smart phones and like as to inavitas. MAP and VISUAL DESIGN. The opportunity of quickly receiving information about controlled units and with visuals has been provided. FLEXIBLE Customized and fast solutions in line with customer needs utilising powerful technology and enabled by highly skilled developer team. CURRENT TECHNOLOGY inavitas has been created afresh with gained experience, feedbacks and innovations of era. 24/7 SUPPORT You can easily and any-time access to our developers teams with our Support Module integrated into inavitas.

Business Category

  • Raw materials, Components or Manufacture
  • Designer
  • Research & Development

Business Application

  • Off-Grid
  • Micro-Grid
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Residential


  • Small-scale solar PV
  • Medium-scale solar PV
  • Large-scale solar PV
  • Automated Demand Control Systems
  • Demand Response Management
  • Energy Management Information Systems
  • Distributed Energy Resouces
  • Software Solutions
  • Data Management