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The flagship product of the NEXTGEN NRG range is
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The flagship product of the NEXTGEN NRG range is the Mini Power System (MPS) which we are introducing to both domestic and commercial markets across the globe. The MPS is a suitable and affordable solution to provide renewable multi input from Wind, Solar, Hydro and Generator with an ATS auto start function. Without the need to rely on grid power from the main electricity supply and current electricity providers.  This represents an opportunity for consumers to collect, generate, store and consume their own electricity to use as needed. The MPS unit provides a cost effective alternative to the ever increasing grid electricity prices and reduces the negative impact on the planet.  In addition to the economic benefits, there is a reduced environmental impact compared to how GRID POWER is sourced and generated through mining harmful coal or building expensive and dangerous power plants. With the domestic and commercial markets purchasing NEXTGEN NRG’s energy efficient environmentally friendly MPS units, customers will be able to power their homes or businesses without the need to rely on any other external power source or provider. In addition, we provide customers with a total energy efficient footprint and an energy evaluation to ensure carbon emissions and energy consumption are minimised through the use of affordable low energy consumables such as LED lighting and other energy efficiencies that can make a difference. With over 26 years’ experience in the energy saving sector, NEXTGEN NRG has a proven track record in providing the right solution in Power and LED lighting supply.  Through NEXTGEN NRG group and its growing distributorship at a much better than retail price. We are price competitive and offer a complete service of our Australian designed products. Added benefits unique to our MPS System Besides our patented multi input MPS, our system is a portable unit (domestic) and can be used in remote areas, as well as rental homes.  If you’re a landlord our system can be connected to an outboard computer or cloud which monitors power usage which can in turn be charged back to the tenant at a set rate.  It can be paid in advance just like a pre-paid phone card or charged at a rental never to be bought outright and always kept up to date and maintained. This function will enable landlords / investors to purchase a system, install and charge the power back to their tenant to recoup the cost of the system in an even shorter period of time. Our rental platform is the best solution for any investor and on a large scale we can rent the MPS system to any scale in any volume.