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- Alex Hewitt, CWP Renewables & Freedom Energy.

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Century Yuasa Logo

Century Yuasa

The Enersun range of solar storage batteries consists of 6 flooded lead acid SSR batteries in various amp-hour ratings and two new GEL VRLA models; all of which incorporate a host of advantages designed to deliver reliable power in demanding off grid power situations. No matter the application, the correct Century Yuasa Enersun Battery will give hassle-free, reliable power for many years.

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CWP Renewables Logo

CWP Renewables

CWP Renewables is a leading developer of wind, solar PV, solar thermal and microgrid projects. Since its founding in 2006, CWP has developed large scale renewable energy projects in Europe and Australia. In 10 years, over 1,000 MW of CWP’s renewable energy projects have proceeded to construction, and CWP has financed $2.9 billion of renewable energy projects worldwide.

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Ecoult Logo


Enersun Flooded SSR batteries incorporate tubular plates, employing glass fibre tubes with extra thick battery plates. This provides superior deep cycling performance and resistance against abuse & shedding of active materials, delivers improved resistance against short circuits and helps reduce corrosion for longer battery life. The Enersun flooded SSR battery range comprises of individual 2 volt cells connected to form either 6-volt or 4-volt batteries from 450 Ah up to 1320 Ah.

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Essential Media Communications Logo

Essential Media Communications

Essential has been the strategic force behind some of the most influential campaigns in Australia

With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, our highly skilled team of consultants provides a one-stop shop for research, communications, digital and production services.

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Greenbank Environmental Logo

Greenbank Environmental

Greenbank Environmental is the largest independent trader of Renewable Energy Certificates and other environmental credits in Australia.

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Instyle Solar Logo

Instyle Solar

Instyle Solar began as a modest sized operation offering solar energy solutions for residential applications, today they employ over 50 staff members and have several office locations across Australia servicing Both residential and commercial applications. Instyle Solar have stood the test of time due to their ethos of valuing the importance of a customer-centric approach. Offering class-leading warranties, Instyle go over and above to ensure every install is completed to the highest standards and practices in the industry.

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Integra Energy Logo

Integra Energy Group

We have been busy working behind the scenes, pioneering and developing innovative solutions to assist industry as it strives towards a carbon neutral future.

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LG Chem logo

LG Chem

LG Chem, Ltd. is Korea’s largest diversified chemical company which operates three main business units: Petrochemicals, IT & Electronic Materials and Energy Solution. The company was founded in 1947 and now employs over 26,000 staff globally.

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Longi Solar logo


LONGi Solar is a world leading manufacturer of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules. The Company is wholly owned by LONGi Group. LONGi Group (SH601012) is the largest supplier of mono-crystalline silicon wafers in the world. Armed and powered by the advanced technology and long standing experience of LONGi Group in the field of mono-crystalline silicon, LONGi Solar has shipped approximately 4.6GW products in 2017. The Company has its headquarters in Xi’an and branches in Japan, Europe, North American, India and Malaysia.

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NextGen NRG logo


The flagship product of the NEXTGEN NRG range is the Mini Power System (MPS) which we are introducing to both domestic and commercial markets across the globe. The MPS is a suitable and affordable solution to provide renewable multi input from Wind, Solar, Hydro and Generator with an ATS auto start function. Without the need to rely on grid power from the main electricity supply and current electricity providers.  This represents an opportunity for consumers to collect, generate, store and consume their own electricity to use as needed. The MPS unit provides a cost effective alternative to the ever increasing grid electricity prices and reduces the negative impact on the planet.

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Prosun Solar logo

Prosun Industries

Prosun Industries is an Australian leading wholesale distributor of Solar PV panels, solar inverters, accessories and full solar systems. We offer premium solar products to customers in every state and territory of Australia. At Prosun Industries, we work with our partners to achieve their goals because we understand that distribution isn’t just about selling inverters and modules and racking. Our commitment to customer service is exhibited by our obsessive focus on helping our contractor partners grow their businesses. We recognize that their growth is the key to ours. Our partners benefit from our culture of superior customer service that permeates throughout the organization and prevails all the way to people loading installation trucks on a daily basis.

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Redback Technologies logo

Redback Technologies

Redback is a technology company focused on the development of advanced, low cost solar solutions for residential and commercial users. Redback's market leading integrated hardware and software technologies capture, store and manage solar energy, providing accelerated return on investment. With a focus on quality and efficiency, Redback’s streamlined inverter hardware incorporates power electronics, cloud system control and related switchgear into an aesthetically pleasing design, allowing for rapid integration, and thus low installed costs.

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RDA logo


RDA was founded in 2004 as a boutique bioenergy investment development company comprising 21 shareholder partners with deep experience in large-scale project management, seed genomics, yeast genomics, farm operation, engineering design management, civil construction, power generation, engineering procurement & contract management, construction law, plant and mill operation, domestic fuel offtake sales, planning approvals, and environmental science.

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Selectronic logo

Our Vision, to play an essential role in global, sustainable energy. Our History. Founded in 1964 by the Scott family, Selectronic Australia quickly established itself as a major manufacturer of custom made transformers and inductors for the local electronics industry. In 1981 the company’s electronics products division was established to meet a need for quality power conversion products in the emerging renewable energy market. At a time when power inverters were new and renewable technologies were just starting to emerge, Selectronic Australia became an innovator in the field by producing its first power conversion product - a 360 Watt DC to AC modified square wave inverter.

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Akcome Power logo

Akcome Power

Akcome Power the Solar Energy Specialists have been providing NO DEPOSIT SOLAR ENERGY since 2014 in Australia.

With No money down and No Hidden costs, Akcome Power can help you to tap into totally free energy from the sun.

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Sonnen logo

Sonnen Australia Pty Ltd

Germany’s sonnen is Europe’s largest supplier of energy storage systems, and recently established a base in Australia which it sees as potentially its biggest market. The company was founded by Christoph Ostermann and Torsten Stiefenhofer in 2010 in the tiny Bavarian village of Wildpoldsried, renowned in Germany for its extensive use of renewable energy that produces five times more energy from solar, hydro and biomass than it consumes. In the remarkably short time since then, sonnen is into the eighth generation of its eco storage battery, a market leader in terms of reliability, and its long life (10,000 cycles).

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UPC Renewables logo

UPC Renewables

UPC formed companies have developed more than 3,500 MW of operating wind and solar projects with an investment value of over $5B USD, and have a development pipeline of more than 5,000 MW. UPC has a proven successful history of being an early entrant in new markets with advanced technology and creative local business strategies, helping countries accelerate their renewable energy development. 

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Windlab logo

Windlab Limited

Windlab Limited (“Windlab”) is a global renewable energy development company. It was established to commercialise world leading atmospheric modelling and wind energy assessment technology, developed by Australia’s premier scientific research institute, the CSIRO. Windlab owns and exclusively utilises this suite of industry best practice tools to identify and efficiently develop, finance, construct and operate high quality wind farms around the world, with considerably greater certainty and substantially less risk.

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