A Renewables-Led Economic Recovery


Federal action

It’s time to lay further groundwork that averts the fossil fuel emissions-induced damage and capitalise on our endless and sustainable renewable resources.

Our federal and state governments must seize the day and resolve to invest in a sweeping range of micro, small- and large-scale renewable energy projects including electricity transmission systems to accelerate the energy transition.

In the process this creates hundreds of thousands of long-term jobs and providing much needed hope for the thousands of hard-working Australians.

Resilience and Regenerative Impact - Can the national cabinety rebuild and decarbonise Australia?

Hear from Simon Corbell, Chief Adviser, Energy Estate as he explores the relative effectiveness of new mechanisms to deal with the economic recovery.

Recorded on 6 May 2020 at the Stimulus Summit: A Renewables-Led Economic Recovery. View the presentation.

Local smart energy leadership

Energy Ministers from Queensland, Westerna Australia, South Australia, Victoria and the ACT joined us online on 6 May for the Stimulus Summit: A Renewables-Led Economic Recovery.

There have already been a number of long and short-term commitments to a clean energy transition, to decarbonisation, 'future industry' development, renewables job generation and economic development. Learn more from these recordings - click on the images to view.

“We’ve convened national cabinets, rapidly created economic initiatives, enacted new regulations, and elevated the leadership status of experts and scientists. That’s a methodology we should carry over into the post COVID world, and we should use it to urgently respond to climate change.” - Shane Rattenbury, ACT Energy Minister.

Shane Rattenbury, ACT Energy and Climate Change Minister

State and territory actions and ongoing plans

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Stimulus Summit

The Stimulus Summit: A Renewables-Led Economic Recovery was held online on Wednesday 6 May 2020. The event was the biggest ever online energy event - attracting over 3,500 delegates from across Australia.

Stimulus Summit Recordings and Presentations

For more information on the Stimulus Summit including full recording and presentation material - click here

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