SEC Submission: NEG Draft Design Consultation Paper

The Smart Energy Council opposes the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and we call on all State Governments to reject the NEG through the COAG Energy Council.

The advertising campaign proves that the National Energy Guarantee is a political solution to a political problem. It is an attempt by the Turnbull Government to appear to be doing something about energy security and affordability. It is a delaying tactic while actively obstructing the path to a cleaner, more reliable and cheaper energy system.

Even if the National Energy Guarantee were to be endorsed by all Australian Governments in late 2018, which is unlikely, it will be at least 2020 before revised electricity rules and laws are implemented.

The Australian Government does not have a renewable energy policy beyond 2020 and the National Energy Guarantee proposal is designed to ensure that remains the case.

The Smart Energy Council supports smart national energy policy and will continue to work with all Governments which act in good faith to ensure the implementation of nationally consistent policies that deliver at least 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

Learn more... download the Smart Energy Council’s submission to the Energy Security Board.