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As energy storage and energy management are increasingly in demand, the skill set required is becoming more sophisticated and complex. The Smart Energy Training Centre has courses and professional development options for installers and designers currently working or planning to work in the rapidly expanding solar, energy storage and smart energy sector.

Due to high demand for our face-to-face and online training events to be accessed we have captured these on video for you view if you missed the event or would like to view again.

Online training modules 

  1. Common Safety Related Faults in PV Systems, Module 1 - 4 (15 CPD Points each) - 1.5 hours each, Free of charge  NEW !
  2. Smart Energy Industry and Standards Update 2019 (40 CPD points) - over 4 hours for just $60
  3. Smart Energy Technical Online Workshop (40 CPD points) - over 3 hours for just $50
  4. How to gain your energy independence during bushfire & Coronavirus (30 CPD Points) - 1 hour, Free of charge  
  5. Latest Generation Inverter Technology (30 CPD Points) - 1 hour, Free of charge  
  6. Maximising Solar Return with Advanced Modules and Trackers (30 CPD Points) - 1 hour, Free of charge 
  7. Virtual Installer Roadshow (45 CPD Points) - 2.5 hours, Free of charge 

    NOTE: If you are a Master Installer you can access the paid courses FREE of charge as all modules are included in your Master Installer membership.

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