South Australia (SA) leads Australia in growing its share of renewable electricity generation.

SA is home to the world's biggest lithium-ion battery located at the Hornsdale Power Reserve, north of Jamestown and well over half of the state’s electricity is produced by wind and solar energy projects.

SA's Renewable Energy Target

South Australia has a formal aspirational target of “net 100 per cent renewable electricity” to be achieved in the 2030s.

To support this target the South Australian Government has committed to maximising the economic and job opportunities associated with renewable energy and energy storage projects to help meet SA's energy needs and Australia’s Paris climate emission agreements.

Focus areas include:

  • large-scale renewable energy generation and storage, including wind, solar thermal, solar PV, bioenergy, battery, pumped hydro and thermal storage

  • demand-side energy including rooftop solar, bioenergy, distributed storage, energy efficiency and demand management

  • hydrogen production, use and export

  • increasing the uptake of zero emission vehicles and investment in charging and refuelling infrastructure

  • supply-chain development of low carbon technologies

  • developing research and industry partnerships in low carbon technologies.

SA's energy future is underpinned by the development and deployment of a Hydrogen Roadmap for SA and a Bioenergy Roadmap for South Australia.

Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan told the Stimulus Summit co-hosted by the Smart Energy Council and RenewEconomy on 6 May 2020, that the South Australian government was not easing up on its targets, and was aiming to reach net 100 per cent renewables by the end of the decade.

“We will be, as estimated by AEMO, a bit in excess of 85 per cent by 2025 and our government’s goal is to be net 100 per cent renewable energy generation by the 2030s,” van Holst Pellekaan said.

“Personally, it’s a firm goal. I want South Australia to be net 100 per cent electricity generation renewable by 2030. That’s what I work for every day,” he said.

Hear more from Minister van Holst Pellekaan at the Stimulus Summit: A Renewables-Led Economic Recovery.

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