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Positive Quality

Installing solar is a long-term investment and solar panels are the key component of a solar system that has to survive and perform in Australia’s harsh climate for many many years

About the Positive Quality™ Benchmark

The Positive Quality™ program promotes solar PV module brands that are proven to consistently meet a high standard of manufacturing quality.

Positive Quality solar panel manufacturers are subject to random ongoing audit and independent inspections of their manufacturing processes – this is above and beyond their existing quality management programs.

Only those companies that pass the most rigorous testing are awarded the Positive Quality trust mark.

In addition, the testing is ongoing and must be undertaken twice a year for the manufacturer to maintain Positive Quality Endorsement.

The Smart Energy Council has introduced the Positive Quality™ benchmark to:

  • provide consumers with peace of mind in the quality and consistency of the components they buy;
  • provide solar installers with confidence in the reliability of products they install; and
  • provide installers and distributors with greater confidence in the long-term sustainability of their business.

The Smart Energy Council has over fifty years’ experience in solar technologies and is committed to providing independent and bias-free third-party inspections.

Positive Quality Inspection and Testing Inspecting PV Cells

Why introduce this extra layer of testing and inspection?

Solar modules can have defects that are not visible from the appearance of the products. Many products sold in Australia that claimed to be compliant with IEC and Australian standards are not, this is due to poor quality control during the production process or substitution to lower quality materials. The Positive Quality Program helps customers to identify quality brands that are consistently producing modules at the quality standard of the accreditation certificates.

Why demand Positive Quality™?

The Positive Quality program plays a vital role in protecting consumers, resellers and distributors as well as the reputation of the solar energy industry.

The program is designed to ensure that:

  1. Positive Quality solar modules have been tested in the manufacturing plant and meet high standards;
  2. Only those companies that pass the most rigorous testing are awarded the Positive Quality trust mark;
  3. Ensuring superior long-term performance in Australian conditions; and
  4. Peace of mind for consumers - that you are getting the performance, durability and performance you are paying for.

Manufacturing PV cells 

The benefits of purchasing Positive Quality™ modules

The Smart Energy Council believe that passing this rigorous inspection demonstrates good-practice manufacturing processes and product quality that is consistent with the certified sample.

The Smart Energy Council supports quality manufacturers who can pass this test.

We urge the industry not to import low-quality products that have the potential to reduce customer benefits, put your brand at risk and damage the reputation of the entire solar industry.

Positive Quality

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How to join the Positive Quality™ program?

We welcome quality manufacturers and Australian companies with their own module brands to participate in the program to associate your brand with quality.

For more information about the Positive Quality Program please contact:

Marianne Fang M: +64 21 182 4699 or email m[email protected]

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